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All-natural home-grown fresh fruits, vegetables, and home-grown herbs and spices. Our waters are treated with Alkaline, electrolytes, and minerals. No artificial sweeteners are used. All waters are compressed with fresh home grounded fennel root which is a sweet vegetable that is used to enhance the natural sugars in the fruits for the infused waters. All waters are intended to increase your level of or the water a day however, the use of herbs/spices and fruits/ vegetables assist with some of the following issues: Dehydration, Weight loss, Inflammation, Digestive, Migraines, Sleep, Fatigue, Complete Body/Blood System Cleanse, and many more. NONE of the Waters are Guaranteed to work MIRACLES, However, there have been some success stories proven by Customers’ testimonies to work. All ingredients are All water orderly to order with a refrigerated shelf life of 3- 4 weeks and maybe frozen for the same fresh tastes. When the order is ready, arrangements for pick up will be provided.

Here are the benefits of the ingredients

Botteled Berry Juice
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Botteled Watermelon & Lychee Juice
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The Wellness Bartender infused waters is design to refresh the taste of water for people worldwide. We will educate our customers on the benefit of the ingredients used in the waters and empower healthy lifestyles by eliminating the urge to drink carbonated drinks and sugary products of today. We want to make drinking water a joy instead of a forced habit.


To provide a joyful, happy, and relaxing meaning to your everyday water intake while adding a natural way to changing your lifestyle.

Flavors & Prices


Look at our current flavors and prices. Stay connected as new flavors are added daily. All water fresh to order with a refrigerated shelf life of 3- 4 weeks and maybe frozen for the same fresh tastes. 

Botteled Kiwi & Coconut Juice
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My name is Albertina Dancy I was born and raised in Chesapeake VA; however, I was fortunate to have access to some of the best fruits and veggies in Wallace NC through my family gardens and fields. I have been making infused waters for a year, inspired by the simple lemon/lime/mint water my mom used to make when I was a child.

The older I get, the more I respect the way that my body responds to water. Hydrating means clearer skin, a more efficient metabolism, and mental and emotional clarity. Even though my brain knows these things, I have a hard time enjoying a simple glass of water. That is why infused waters are so great: they are easy to make and make your tastebuds tingle with excitement! Encouraging a gallon of water, a day helps to meet your goal when the water tastes so satisfying. I was a type II diabetic insulin-dependent, with sleep apnea, congested heart failure, and high blood pressure for nine years. Doctors had tried everything to help me however my weight was the issue, after deciding to tackle my weight loss journey, I realize my increase in water was needed in an effort to keep the weight off. After 8 months of consistent experimenting with my fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs, I notice the dramatic change in how I felt and the progress of weight loss and overall physical health. Today, I no longer take prescription medication for any of my past illnesses. Doctors are amazed at the progress by including water into the diet along with meal prepping and daily exercise.  I figure it would be great to share my waters with the world.

The concept of infused water is not complicated – it is just fruit and herbs in water – but there are some tricks that I have learned along the way that have made all of the difference. This site is dedicated to those needing a jump start to weight loss, those with diabetes to reduce the glucose levels, those with sleep issues and so much more. The waters can be customized to fit whatever need. I’d love to hear your questions or success stories, so please feel free to email me at

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